About us

Our coffee shop in The East Village is NOW Open!

131 E. 7th st.  Between Ave A & 1st Ave.  Manhattan, NY.


 🌱  Our coffee farm was established in 2014.  🌱

We are a From Farm to Cup Coffee Experience.  Giving YOU the FRESHEST coffee in the nation.  Our coffee beans are grown, processed and roasted in ONE LOCATION, our farm in the highest mountains of Maricao, Puerto Rico.

At 787 Coffee Co. we are all about YOUR coffee experience.  We love everything related to coffee, from planting a coffee plant in our farm to designing cool hats, mugs and t-shirts.

The mission has always been the same: Giving YOU the freshest coffee & supporting local economies.

Producing premium coffee, employing local people, paying USA wages & bringing quality of life to our people is what we are ALL ABOUT.

  We Grow It. YOU Enjoy It.  

Puerto Rican Coffee 🇵🇷   #787Coffee

Cafe de Puerto Rico


☎: 1-888-629-1004